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We Accept BitCoin

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We Accept BitCoin !

We will soon implement a PAY with BitPay checkout to accept bitcoins for payment.
Until the web checkout is functional, you can contact us to arrange for a manual bitpay payment. (SMS or EMAIL payment address)

FAQ - BitCoin Resources

1. What are BitCoins? - See a brief introduction video here : BitCoin Introduction
or you can watch Molly from ROCKETBOOM - Explain Bitcoins

BitCoins are Digital Currency, Internet Money that can be sent as easily as e-mail or text messages.

2. What is a WALLET and where do I get one ?
To learm more and/or to download a WALLET to store bitcoins, go to (A great place to start.)

3. How can I BUY  BitCoins?
Coinbase is a service that lets you buy bitcoins with CASH. There are others.

4. How can I ACCEPT BitCoins?
Bit-Pay ia a service that accepts bitcoins as payment and will deposit DOLLARS or BitCoins in your account the NEXT DAY.
To see how EASY it is to pay using a BitCoin wallet on your android or iphone, view an actual transaction here: Bit-Pay Mobile Checkout

5. How can I SELL BitCoins?
You can sell your bitcoins for Federal Reserve Notes (US Dollars) at one of the many BitCoin EXCHANGES. Buy and Sell just like Gold Coins.

Other currencies are available for trade at other exchanges. For a list of exchanges with current stock tickers, graphs, and links, visit bitcoin charts

6. Where can I SPEND Bitcoins?

Local Tucson Businesses that Accept Bitcoin 

More people are accepting BitCoins everyday. The list keeps growing. To see a list of merchants accepting bitcoins visit is a wonderful resource with GREAT spending ideas.
(Pizza Hut, New Egg, Home Depot, Sony,, Southwest Airlines, Barnes and Noble, etc.) 


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