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 Quick reference guide to HP Error Codes

Supplies Memory Error

  1. The printer is unable to read the electronic information on the Toner Cartridge.
  2. Replace defective Toner Cartridge
11 Paper Out
  1. Paper tray empty or not seated correctly. 
  2. Sensor Arm Stuck or Broken. 
  3. Defective Tray Size Sensing or Configuration.
  4. Defective Paper Control Sensor PCB
12 Printer Open
  1. Paper path door or top cover open
  2. Broken tab on the cover assembly
13.1 Paper-delay jam
at paper feed area.
  1. Open paper tray and clear paper from paper feed assembly 
  2. Check paper size is set correctly,
  3. Replace paper pick up rollers,
  4. Replace paper pick up unit
13.2 Paper jam in paper feed area.
  1. Remove paper from paper feed assembly.
  2. Check paper sensor flag.
  3.   Replace Paper feed assembly
14 No EP Cartridge
  1. No toner cartridge
  2. Cartridge not fully seated 
16 Low Toner
  1. Replace Toner Cartridge
18 MIO Not Ready
  1. Printer is not connected to a LAN 
  2. Terminate the port on the printer.
  3. MIO card is defective or maybe just not seated correctly
20 Memory Overflow
  1. A large print job has exceeded the memory capacity of the printer.
  2.  Add memory or simplify the print job.
21 Print Overrun
  1. The print job is to complex.
  2. Simplify the job by removing font changes etc.
22 I/O Config
  1. EIO X BUFFER OVERFLOW The EIO card in slot X has overflowed it's buffer and data loss will occur
30 PS Error 
  1. Check I/O Cable,
  2.  Wrong cable or damaged.
41.3 Unexpected Paper Size
  1. Media that is loaded does not match the settings.
  2. Double sheet, more than one sheet of paper picked up.
  3. Can also indicate a misfeed or paper not being picked up.
43 OPT Interface
  1. Communication problem between the formatter PCA.
  2. Remove and reseat the optional Network card.
  3. If the problem continues replace Network card. 
49 Firmware Error
  1. A critical firmware error has occurred that caused the processor on the formatter to abort the operation.
  2. Corrupt data of print file, or invalid operations.
  3. Update Firmware or replace firmware DIMM
  4. Replace Formatter Board
  1. Indicates a problem with the fuser assembly or power supply control circuits
  2. Replace fuser first
  3. Replace low voltage power supply
50.1 Low fuser Temp 
  1. Fuser not coming up to operating temperature.
  2. Replace Fuser Assembly.
50.2 Fuser warm up
  1. Fuser failed to warm up.
  2. Replace Fuser Assembly.
50.3 Fuser over temperature
  1.  fuser temperature to high
  2. Replace Fuser Assembly.
50.4 Faulty fuser
  1. Replace Fuser Assembly
50.5 Incorrect Fuser
  1. Check Part #s to insure correct fuser for printer
50.6 Open Fuser Circuit
  1. Replace Fuser Assembly
50.8 Low fuser temperature
  1. Low fuser temperature (Bad subthermistor)
  2. Replace Fuser Assembly
50.9 High fuser temperature
  1. High fuser temperature (Bad subthermistor)
  2. Replace Fuser Assembly
62 Memory Error
  1. There is a problem with the printer memory.
  2. Reseat the DIMM.
  3. Replace the DIMM
64 Printer Error
  1. A scan buffer error occurred
  2. Reboot Printer
66 External device error
  1. An error occurred in an external paper-handling device
  2. Check for paper jams in stapler/stacker
  3. Reboot printer,
  4. Check and reseat all cables between the printer and device.
  5. Replace device. 
68 NVRAM Error
  1. An error occurred in the printer non-volatile memory (NVRAM)
  2. Reset the NVRAM Hold Cancel Button while turning printer on.
  3. Replace formatter board.
69 Duplex Print Error
  1. A printing error occurred. Duplex unit has failed.
  2. Check for Paper in duplex assembly.
  3. Reseat duplex assembly.
  4. Replace Duplex assembly
Formatter Error
  1. The printer detected an error on the formatter board
  2. Reboot Printer.
  3. Remove communication cables and reboot printer 
  4. Turn off printer remove network card / hard drive
  5. Turn off printer remove memory DIMM's
  6. Replace Formatter board
82 EIO Error
  1. The EIO accessory (Network Card) has encountered a critical error.
  2. Replace Network Card

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