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It has come to our attenetion that Samsung released a new firmware upgrade that tells your printer to refuse any cartridge other then their own.  This does not only apply to the new printer models for Samsung printers. If you own a Samsung printer and you wish to use remanufactured cartridges, DON'T UPGRADE THE FIRMWARE!

Lexmark also decided to release a new firmware upgrade, like that of Samsung, that doesn't allow the use of remanufactured ink cartridges once the new firmware has been upgraded.

Models that are affected:

  • Lexmark Platnum Pro 905
  • Lexmark Prestige Pro 805
  • Lexmark Prospect Pro 205
  • Lexmark Prevail Pro 705
  • Lexmark Interpret S405
  • Lexmark Interpret S408
  • Lexmark Interact S605
  • Lexmark Intuition S505
  • Lexmark Intuition S508
  • Lexmark Impact S305
  • Lexmark Impact S308


The British Office of Fair Trading and the Trading Standards Institute are still investigating the matter, and no solution (short of having to take a chance of killing the machine) has been found.

For the time being, we suggest you take care when updating and installing software, and getting your printer(s) serviced, to be sure that the firmware is not updated without your consent. Also, as suggested by On the Spot Blog, don't use the Dr. Printer software provided by Samsung with your printer. It will download the hidden update and install it. 
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