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About AzPS Toner Cartridges

Here at Arizona's Printer Services Inc. we are one of Tucson's and Southern Arizona's largest printer Toner Cartridge Suppliers.
We supply our customers with a

Higher Quality Compatible/Remanufactured Toner Cartridge.

99% of all our Toner Cartridges are re-manufactured in the USA, in an ISO9001 certified factory to ensure the quality of our toner cartridges.

We offer Compatible High Quality re-manufactured Toner Cartridges, along with OEM (Origional Equipment Manufacturer) and MICR Toner Cartridges for Check Printing.
Arizona's Printer Services Also Services Copy Machines, Fax Machines, Laser Printers, throughtout Southern Arizona.

The Higher Quality Compatible and Remanufactured laser toner cartridges are remanufactured from either new or recycled cartridge components to match the OEM specifications. Over the years manufacturing companies have reproduced quality components to enhance the Quality and reliability of Compatible or remanufactured toners. Remanufactured toners are first disassembled and thoroughly cleaned, after which any worn parts are replaced. We add a NEW compatible drum along with other new component to every toner cartridge that it requires to ensure the quality meets or exceeds the performance of a new OEM

OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer, are products or components made by the original manufacturer of the printer.

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition Banks use (MICR) to read checks with their scanning machines, which require the checks to be printed with a magnetic toner. A MICR toner cartridge is filled with this special magnetic ink.

We do our best to make sure that our customers get the cartridges they need, but if we don't have the toner cartridge or drum you're looking for we invite you to E-mail us so that we can try and get you what your printer requires.

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